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Hi, I'm Pauline and have been a holistic therapist since 1998.  I have spent the intervening years updating my skills and training for new therapies. I offer a friendly service so any questions just give me a ring.  I tailor all my therapies to each individual client so you know you will get what is best for you.  Only the best quality products are used in my treatments.  They all contain only natural ingredients and are paraben free,  They are not tested on animals.  My most recent training has been Tui Na which is linked to meridians, Bamboo Massage, Dorn Method, Facial Reflexology and Zone Facelift.  


Training is ongoing, I think it is important to learn new things.  I like to offer new treatments but also to 'brush up' on old modalities.  The treatment that I most love is Bowen Technique as it is so powerful and re-educates the body to 'heal itself'. 

I love doing the Zone Facelift as clients always feel and look better afterwards.

I am now a consultant/distributor for Neals Yard Remedies which I am using in some

I mainly work from home in my self contained treatment room.  However, I do sometimes do home visits if you or your loved one is housebound.  I also visit care homes in order to carry out treatments.  There is however, an extra charge for this service as it involves more time and fuel. This charge can be as little as £5 depending on where you live. Feel free to ring for details.  I also do Corporate work.  If you would like me to come out to your company I would be happy to do this.   Please  ring me for details.  You will find information on all the therapies on their individual pages.  If you have any questions ring or email, I will be happy to answer them. 

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