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Dorn Method

What is The Dorn Method?

Dorn is a gentle and safe Complementary Therapy focusing on the cause of back and joint pain in people of all ages.  It is used to correct misalignments of the spine and other joints, targeting common health problems including;

  • Back pain

  • Neck Pain

  • Headaches & Migraines

  • Joint problems such as Hip, Knee, Shoulder, Elbow, Ankle, and Jaw.

  • Leg length difference

  • Sciatica

The Dorn Method has its origins in Southern Germany founded by Dieter Dorn almost 40 years ago.  It consists of a range of unique exercises and techniques developed to help joints and vertebrae slip back into their natural positions without 'clicking' or 'crunching'.  Dorn is also more than just a therapy, by continuing the work of the Dorn Therapist with simple self-help exercises carried out at home and following good posture advice.  Dorn steps up to become a long term joint health maintenance and preventative system for all ages.

What does the Dorn Method involve?

Your therapist will work together with you at all times beginning with a leg length comparison check.  A high percentage of people suffering from back pain show a leg length difference often due to poor leg seating in the hip joint.  Your therapist will then make simple, safe corrections as necessary.  

In many cases 2 or 3 sessions are sufficient.  This depends on individual circumstances, more sessions may be recommended.  

Breuss Massage is a gentle, soothing massage that will be included in some treatments.

When is The Dorn Method not suitable?

It is not suitable for the following conditions:

Acute inflammation or fever, paralysis, acute migraine attacks, recent accidents, post surgery of discs, cancer, acute prolapsed discs, ongoing cortisone medication due to possible brittle bones and immobility.

Price First Treatment               £45

         Subsequent Treatments £40

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