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Lets talk about Zone Facelift

A couple of my Zone Facelift clients have left some nice reviews on my website and on Facebook. Zone Facelift is a way to switch off. It leaves you with a healthier looking, more vibrant and radiant version of yourself.

The claim is to take 10 years off your face in 12 weeks and my clients so far have been excited to have achieved this. It has given them more confidence and they are happier in themselves.

Zone Facelift can help you achieve this in the most holistic way possible. It includes some Bergmann Method Facial Reflexology allowing you to take care of your health and beauty at the same time.

Its amazing to feel and look wonderful inside and out. There is a move towards a more holistic way of looking and feeling good and Zone Facelift gives you this. It is a wonderful way to lift your face and spirit for life.

The tools used in this treatment are like a chocolate box of delights and work alongside the routine that is used.

Benefits :

  • Naturally stimulates collagen and elastin from the inside, tightens, plumps, sculpts the neck line, smooths and lifts the face, leaving a glowing complexion after just one treatment

  • Calming and uplifting with all the health benefits of foot reflexology

  • A non-invasive treatment based on the principle that reflex points on your face are connected to every part of your body, and that stimulating the reflexes helps to balance the corresponding body parts

  • Helps to reduce stress as well as migraines, sinus problems, insomnia, IBS, joint pain and depression

  • Can be beneficial to those undergoing fertility treatment or wishing to conceive

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