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Life has been different!

Over the last year or so, our lives have all been turned upside down. With many peole working from home, often in not the best circumstances eg kitchen table, kids running around, home schooling, not to mention the cat, dog, giuinea pig..... Ok ,maybe not the guinea pig. This has all affected our mental health with all the extra responsibilities of home schooling, not seeing work mates. It can all be very isolating. A lot of us are stressed, isolated, depressed, anxious, myself included. Lots of back problems as well from not sitting at a proper desk for work.

I am glad to be back to work on 12th April and grateful to my clients for booking in so speedily. It will be lovely to see each and every one of you. I am also welcoming new clients and looking forward to it.

Whilst I have not been working, I have been busy. I am currently a qualified Aromatherapist but have been studying for a Diploma in Clinical Aromatherapy and it has been very exciting. I now have around 90 essential oils and 40 carrier oils to choose from to get the right balance for each client. Essential oils have a wide range of benefits as do the carrier oils so there is something that should be able to help everyone.

I am also excited as I am working with a new supplier of facial products. I have purchased from Eve Taylor in the past and thought it was time to renew this relationship. Eve Taylor produces a lovely range of products to suit all skin types, they contain essential oils and are eco friendly and nothing is tested on animals. It is a small British company and I am pleased to now off this.

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